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Mission Statement

As a German company we are only satisfied when we can offer the highest quality for our customers around the world. We combine high-tech know-how with careful considerations for our precious planet Earth. We believe in innovative ideas that protect the natural resources and give our customers an easy solution for their daily cleaning problems.

Clexana Core Team

Mr. Lewandowski​


Ms. Lilian

Product Trends

Mr. Kasap

Prosumer & Consulting Marketing & B2B

Dr. Vida

Research & IT Analysis

In today’s business world it it key to have the right balance between internal and external experts. That way our company is able to meet the consumer’s demand for safe and effective products and services.


If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Clexana team are there to help you

Victor World Trade GmbH

Exiner Strasse

23 12355 Berlin



+49 30 53 11 39 75



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Clexana - Thinking Of Quality

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