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How to save water and energy

Using a dishwasher machine is using far less water than washing your dishes by hand.

This is because the combination of a powerful dishwasher tab with a modern dishwasher

can reuse the little water in the machine for the entire washing cycle.

According to a study at the University of Bonn, Germany an average dishwasher uses 12

liters of water for a full load of dishes wheres as for the same amount dishes needs 100

liters by hand-washing. Doing the math this means a dishwasher needs only 12% of the
water hand-washing does.

So you can save water and also your precious time!
How do I choose the right temperature?
In case of very tough stains we recommended to run the washing cycle at the temperature of 65 °C. This way the reserve extra power of the Clexana tablet is activated!
This is very important: Do not use for aluminium at this high temperatures and not for silver dishes/cutlery, antique, hand-painted porcelain/glassware or crystal dishes.
To safe energy, try lower temperature programmes if you have freshly used dishes or dishes with normal stains. The cleaning power of the Clexana tablets will take care of all.
After a few wshing cycles you have the right feeling when to use the right temperature. You will be expert!

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