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Clexana 8-in-One Dishwasher Tablets

Our Clexana 8+ Multifunction Dishwasher Tablet offers  you a very good result for the quality and price conscious consumer. Sometimes you just need a tablet that is doing is job. As a German company we understand.   Available as a master carton of 6 boxes with 42 tablets  @ 20g

Clexana Diamond Dishwasher Tablets

Our Clexana Diamond Dishwasher Tablet offers  you the best cleaning and protection results. It is designed for the consumer who accepts nothing but the best. Sometimes you need that extra luxus and power.   Available as a master carton of 12 boxes with 35+2 tablets  @ 19g

Clexana Dishwasher Deo

Clexana dishwasher deo has a powerful double action! It neutralizes nasty odours and ensures longlasting refreshing scent in your dishwasher

Clexana Dishwasher Machine Cleaner

Protecting and keeping clean your valuable dishwasher machine is very important. With this state of the art liquid dishwasher machine cleaner you make sure your dishwasher stays clean, smells nicely and is ready for the job. Available as a master carton of 12 bottles  @ 250ml    

Clexana Dishwasher Pods Active Carbon

This clever pod cleans you dishes and protect your machine. With its water soluable foil it is great for short

Clexana Gel Capsules

This is our innovative gel filled capsule that cleans your dishes and is particulary friendly to the environment because it

Dishwasher Cleaner Tabs 2er

This is an environmentally friendly oxygen-based cleaner for your dishwasher machine. It is easy to use once a month. Available

Dishwasher Cleaner Tabs 3er

Clexana dishwasher cleaning pods remove grease and limescale during a standard dishwashing cycle and leaves your dishwasher clean and free

Multi 12 All-in-One Diswasher Tablets

This is our most popular product! The dishwasher tablet is a 12 function tab that takes care of your dishes and machine. As a German company we understand the need for a convincing quality for our rcustomers right on from the first washing cycle. Now with water soluable foil! Available as a master carton of 6 boxes with 37 tablets  @ 19g